The Biker Within 


When the idea first passed through my mind, I could bike to work, I dismissed it outright.  Two long demanding hills a day, Route 34, Triphammer, Elm St, Westhaven.   Ten miles in, 10 miles out.  Is this insane? People still give me that look.

I’d been a runner all my life—I’m in my 50s– and just recently cut back due to the need to preserve my knees.  I was not new to biking up hills: 10 years ago when I lost a job I loved (and hated too!) I bought a light-weight Fuji and after 6 weeks of working at it, I conquered the Elm St/ Westhaven hill without once dismounting.  And there was a time in my life when three of us were sharing a car, so I’d secure my Fuji in the back of the Honda and my boyfriend would drive me into work in the morning, and I’d bike home.  That was doable for me, yet I Continue reading “The Biker Within “

Caring for Your Small Mid-Drive Motor


In 2013 a small mid-drive motor for ebikes called the Bafang bbs02 came on the market. It had amazing torque for its size, enabling even lightweight bikes to climb up steep hills. Even better, it was less than half the price of comparable motors, it could be fitted to almost any bike, and it was relatively easy to install. I added the bbs02 to my custom ebike offerings at Boxy Bikes.

However, I quickly found that the 48v 750 watt bbs02 motors were susceptible to Continue reading “Caring for Your Small Mid-Drive Motor”

Forget Lycra: Discover Wool for Winter Biking

Recreational bicyclists put their bikes in storage for winter. But people like us who bike as their main form of transportation don’t have that option. We need our bikes to get where we’re going year round. So we put fenders, lights, bar-mitts and studded tires on our bikes and that works pretty well. But there is one other ingredient winter bikers should know about: wool. Wool garments are perfect for winter biking for this reason: they keep you warm when you need to be warm and they keep you cool when you need to be cool.

When you bike in winter your motorist friends will make pitying comments because they think that riding a bike in winter makes you cold. It’s actually more complicated than that. Continue reading “Forget Lycra: Discover Wool for Winter Biking”