Meet Christopher Trudeau


Hello, my name is Christopher Trudeau. I’m a founding member of Ebike Ithaca. I am also part of a car-free, cargo bike owning family. Until recently I didn’t associate myself with any sort of advocacy. But the other day I saw that Laurence of Boxy Bikes had referred to me as a “car free” advocate on a facebook post promoting this weekends Climate Solutions Fair. I didn’t know there was such a thing. And I didn’t realize that I was one. I’d never been called that before. My parents usually just referred to my way of life as simply…weird. But I guess it’s true. Even my five year old daughter wouldn’t hesitate to tell you “daddy doesn’t like cars”.
My wife refers to our cargo bike affectionately…is it affectionately? [to her] as my dorkmobile. So I guess I am a “car-free advocate”


So how did I get here?

For years I have had a growing concern over Continue reading “Meet Christopher Trudeau”

Ebike Ithaca Hosts Earth Day Event

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.58.02 PM
Concerned about climate change? This movie will give you hope.

Please join us in viewing the pivotal film This Changes Everything the day before Earth Day next week (7pm Thursday April 21st at Cinemapolis). Sponsors include Ebike Ithaca, Sustainable Tompkins, Ithaca Quaker Earthcare Committee, Dish Truck, and Get Your Green Back.

There will be tabling by local organizations in the lobby startig at 6pm, the movie at 7pm, followed by a moderated discussion panel 8:30 to 9pm. Discussants include: Irene Weiser of Fossil Free Tompkins; Chris Trudeau of Ebike Ithaca; Gay Nicholson of Sustainable Tompkins and Earth Day Ithaca; and Margaret McCasland, Interfaith Climate Action Network and Ithaca Quaker Earthcare.