Summer Reading for Bikers!

As Elsa Morante said to Patrizia Cavalli, “I want to see your reading, so I can see how you’re made.” I didn’t actually say that to Laurence, but I did take a quick snapshot of what’s on the shelf down at Boxy Bikes.  Feel free to buy your own copy of any of these titles or go down to Boxy and talk to Laurence about the collection there:

Electric Bicycles
by David Henshaw and Richard Peace

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One Bike At A Time @ TCPL Monday, June 13, 12:30 PM

If you are free, and interested in how to inspire new riders in all parts of our community, come to the bikes & health presentation on Mon June 13th from 12:30-1:30pm by Theresa Bowick from Rochester’ Conkey Cruisers.  I’ve met Theresa twice now, and she’s incredibly inspiring.  Her program started in 2012 soon after the El Camino Trail in Rochester NY was completed, and has been quite successful in a short time.

*”Getting Fit, One Person, One Street, One Bike at a Time: * *Preventive Community Health through Bicycling in a **Low Income African American Community”*

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