No Car Dealership at the Carpenter Business Park

If you have strong feelings about the Maguire Auto dealership being placed within the city because it will…

  • be next to the farmers market
  • make traffic on Rt. 13 and going in and out of the farmer’s market even worse
  • greatly affect the traffic patterns of the Northside
  • eliminate the potential to develop this site in a way that could benefit a multitude of local businesses
  • generate far less tax revenue than every other possible use of the site.
    support a strip mall, big box development pattern (southern Rt. 13) within the city
  • promote more private auto dependence in a city that allegedly has the stated priorities of promoting in this order; walking, biking, transit, and then the private automobile
  • most importantly go completely against the city’s comprehensive plan for how the community has decided it would like to see the area developed,

then get active!

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