The Non-Fossil Fuel Crowd and the News

There was some sloppy reporting in the Ithaca Journal this morning.

Let’s start with this one paragraph:

The third-floor conference room was overflowing out of the door with a crowd evenly mixed* with both Maguire Auto Dealership employees clad in company gear and urban planning advocates and concerned residents of the Northside neighborhood**, who were there largely to protest the traffic impacts*** the dealership would have on Fifth Street.

*The overwhelming preponderance of speakers at the meeting were against siting Maguire’s in the Carpenter Business Park

**Activists who do not live on the Northside were also plentiful and vocal.
***There were about a dozen other reasons people were against the project.

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More on Carpenter Business Park (and a Cry For Help)

Here are some links to writing about the Maguire Proposal:

On a most immediate level, can you imagine having a car dealership across the street — whose biggest day is Saturday — at the same time and place that the Farmer’s Market’s is also having their biggest day? Why wouldn’t we want a tenant for that spot that would fund shuttle buses to and from some existing parking structure rather than to try and cram all that traffic in? Maguire is offering, instead, to build out 5th street.

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