What is a Bicycle-Friendly Community?

On November 16, Ithacans’ efforts at filling out the Bike Friendly City application were rewarded with the award of “Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community” certification. It’s hard to know what this actually does or means, since Ithaca is still a city where parking garages run empty while¬† — with the support of Svante Myrick and Gary Ferguson — on-street parking spaces were privileged over bike lanes. Where a car can kill a bicyclist and get off with a slap on the wrist. Whereas I want to thank the people who filled out the application and are cited in its text, I think it’s important to recognize those who are really on the front-lines of bike culture in Ithaca: Andrjes Ozolins, Dave Nutter, Laurence Clarkberg, and EbikeIthaca’s own Pat Dutt.