Rousing the Sleeping Biker


We have biking programs here in Ithaca that do a great job of promoting biking: AIDS Ride for Life, Streets Alive,  Bike to Work Day, Andrej’s Solstice Ride, the Ithaca Generator’s Bike Club, FingerLakes Cycling, various athletic and others.  In Minneapolis there are incentives such as dedicated biking lanes.  There are bike lanes where the cars stop, and there “rewards” for those who meet certain biking goals.  In other cities there are biking clinics (has ours closed?) and workshops for issues such as “How to Bike in Winter.“  These events are mostly targeted to the existing biker.

What about the biker lurking deep, deep inside that car driver who wants to do good for the environment but just can’t seem to get started? Continue reading “Rousing the Sleeping Biker”

Bicycle Friendly Community ??

This is a long post in three sections, and I’ll apologize upfront for the length.

  • The first part is the announcement the City of Ithaca sent to the various neighborhood listservs concerning the award Ithaca got for being a Bicycle Friendly Community.  I am usually a calm rational person but this article got under my skin.
  • The second part is my public response (private was a bit less rational) to the announcement.
  • The third is a summary of what the City has done — e.g., the city engineers  — to promote biking.

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