No Car Dealership at the Carpenter Business Park

If you have strong feelings about the Maguire Auto dealership being placed within the city because it will…

  • be next to the farmers market
  • make traffic on Rt. 13 and going in and out of the farmer’s market even worse
  • greatly affect the traffic patterns of the Northside
  • eliminate the potential to develop this site in a way that could benefit a multitude of local businesses
  • generate far less tax revenue than every other possible use of the site.
    support a strip mall, big box development pattern (southern Rt. 13) within the city
  • promote more private auto dependence in a city that allegedly has the stated priorities of promoting in this order; walking, biking, transit, and then the private automobile
  • most importantly go completely against the city’s comprehensive plan for how the community has decided it would like to see the area developed,

then get active!

This is not how the city and it’s citizens have decided they want this area used!!

Now is the time to let our opinion be known! As of today the city has heard from a scant number of people with concern for this project. Common Council seems very hesitant to approve this project. But they need to hear from us! It is our responsibility to push our local leaders to represent our concerns.

That means writing to JoAnn Cornish (Director of Planning and Development) at and Debbie Grunder, Executive Assistant, at

And it means attending the August 31, 2016 (tomorrow!) Public Information session at 6pm at Common Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 108 E. Green Street. At this session, the Developer will present their project and will field questions from the Public.  Two weeks from Wednesday, on September 14th, will be the Public Hearing when the Public will have a chance to comment to the Planning and Economic Development Committee of Common Council.

Also send your comments to your Alderperson!

Find your ward here:

And here is all the contact info for you common council reps.

Cynthia Brock 1st Ward Alderperson 607-280-0661
George McGonigal 1st Ward Alderperson 607-272-0639
Joseph “Seph” Murtagh 2nd Ward Alderperson 585-703-2582
Ducson Nguyen 2nd Ward Alderperson (607) 699-1382
Donna Fleming 3rd Ward Alderperson 607-319-0809
Rob Gearhart 3rd Ward Alderperson (607) 275-9943
Graham Kerslick 4th Ward Alderperson 607-273-4620
Stephen J. Smith 4th Ward Alderperson 607-288-3299
Josephine Martell 5th Ward Alderperson 508-944-0144
Deborah Mohlenhoff 5th Ward Alderperson/ ACTING MAYOR 607-351-0047

We only have a few days left to make our opinions be heard! Please pass this on to anyone or any groups that you think would have concerns about this. Thank you.

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