I am so glad that I, as a biker, always have a bodily experience of the weather. It makes me more mindful of climate change and more in tune with nature.

I was only outside for a few hours this morning, but the rain today is steady, and by the end of the second hour, my snow pants were no longer impermeable. My son’s varsity soccer jacket was doing a good job of keeping the water off my core, but the pants pocket where I had my phone was under threat. Luckily we have an EMS in town and I was able to get

a  new pair of top-layer trousers that are both warm and rain-averse — the Freescape Shell Pant. I confess, I love gear!!! This is my fifth set of extra pants: I already have two pairs of hot weather rain pants and two  pairs of snow pants. One is a hand-me-down from my formerly 12-year-old  nephew who is now 6’5″… it even has suspenders…

Anyway, this morning as I went from the barn to the greenhouse, I saw that the creek (which has been dry all summer) was flowing again. All I could think was, “Hurrah!!” I had to lift my bike up onto the plank to get over it for the first time since 2015. That’s a sweet feeling.

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