Save federal bike funding

This just out from People for Bikes:

The Trump Administration just released the budget for fiscal year 2018 and it’s not good for bicycling. The budget proposes to cut overall funding for the Department of the Interior by 5.3 percent and the Department of Transportation by 16 percent. If approved, this budget will cut funding for bike trails and paths in our National Parks and National Recreation Areas.

It will reduce support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which has helped create some of the best places to ride in the U.S. The budget also guts the TIGER grant program, which is instrumental in helping communities fund multimodal transportation projects that often improve bicycling.

Use our easy letter-writing tool to send a letter to your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives. Ask them to restore level funding for these critical programs in 2018.

Stand up for bikes!

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