The Non-Fossil Fuel Crowd and the News

There was some sloppy reporting in the Ithaca Journal this morning.

Let’s start with this one paragraph:

The third-floor conference room was overflowing out of the door with a crowd evenly mixed* with both Maguire Auto Dealership employees clad in company gear and urban planning advocates and concerned residents of the Northside neighborhood**, who were there largely to protest the traffic impacts*** the dealership would have on Fifth Street.

*The overwhelming preponderance of speakers at the meeting were against siting Maguire’s in the Carpenter Business Park

**Activists who do not live on the Northside were also plentiful and vocal.
***There were about a dozen other reasons people were against the project.

And then there’s this one:

…the project which would provide a bump of more than $100,000* in annual property tax and boost to the city’s sales tax base. Maguire supporters cited the $279,000** in new wages and 63*** jobs it would create.

**This number is off (too small) by a factor of ten for total estimated wages for  three Maguire properties, not the CBP site.

[I made these corrections looking directly at the Maguire handout]

The Maguire employees that I heard speak almost all made it seem as if Maguire’s whole operation would shut down if Maguire did not build up CBP. I would need to see more information than I feel I am entitled to in order to believe that. The Ithaca Journal article shed no light on this possibility, saying only:

Many shared stories of how the Maguire family was responsible for their present employment.

At least the following two lines are correct:

“This project goes against this vision we have for the waterfront,” Murtagh said.

Mayor Svante Myrick, who makes occasional appearances at PEDC meetings, agreed.

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